Works Delivery Eastern Safety Stand-Down Week

TXM Plant assisted in the Eastern Region Safety Week of 2021, hosted from our Beckingham depot. Over two days, a number of attendees from Works Delivery off and on-track teams attended the event, with a focus on people/ plant interface, exclusion zones, and de-vegetation working. 

The event was a great opportunity for attendees to see TXM’s RRVs close up, discussing the latest innovations and technology, driving safety within the industry. This included Hastec Rail’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS), which enforces a separation distance between OTP through the use of radar and ultrasonic systems. The system is also capable of isolation limit control, particularly effective for the use of MEWPs.

Demonstrations also included Site Zone’s Exclusion Zone System, which alerts individuals and operators of exclusion zone breaches. Attendees were also given the opportunity to observe the 360 camera fitted OTP on TXM RRVs, demonstrating why exclusion zones are an essential safety tool when On-Track Plant is operating.

Presentations also oversaw the introduction of Shell Gas to liquid (GTL) fuel to TXM’s fleet, a cleaner-burning alternative to diesel, exclusively supplied by Certas Energy. GTL fuel significantly reduces harmful emissions, creating a healthier working environment for operatives and reducing disruption to the local community while reducing our carbon footprint.

Richard Romaszko, TXM’s Assurance Director, also presented a Safety Case Study, highlighting an example of a previous safety incident involving RRV supply and the steps taken to mitigate risks in the future. Finally, Brian Reynolds (CEO), focused on behavioural safety in the industry, discussing TXM’s continued drive to develop a positive, proactive culture, learning from the experiences of ourselves, our customers and our competitors.