Case Study: Bristol Patchway (TPOD)

Bristol Patchway (TPOD)
6 weeks

Patchway was a 6 week high profile track renewal/lowering project through two single bore tunnels at split levels. TXM partnered with Babcock Rail and Network Rail to supply a total of 33 machines in the form of RRV’s and Construction plant, working 24/7 in order to complete these works.

Due to works being through two old single line tunnels the methodology to complete the works was extremely unconventional which took a lot of planning to enable execution. The tracks were removed, excavated and new drains installed from one end of the tunnel, and the new formation and track installation was from the opposite end.

Whilst this work was on going the tunnel also had to be pinned in order to prevent damage of possible collapse of the old structure, and alternate methods for the drainage were undertaken to minimise the vibration through the tunnel.

As you can imagine progress was slow due to the unconventional methods used, but all work were complete with great feedback from the client! And most importantly all staff got home safe every day!