TXM Plant’s fleet of Unimogs

TXM Plant owns a fleet of six Unimog’s, four of which new additions to the UK market, procured across Europe. 

One of these four is a U1650L Crew Cab, with an additional three seats behind the driver allowing a safe place to carry additional passengers on-site. As with all upgrades, it has been through the TXM Plant “pre-upgrade” programme, including replacement of starter motor, alternator, water pump, belts, etc. along with the upgrade to RIS1530PLT Issue 6. It has also been extensively reworked by Allan J Hargreaves, having a completely new rear body manufactured to incorporate the “slab weight” to maximise the traction and pulling power of a U1650.

The six-cylinder turbo diesel engine is a simple, well-proven and reliable power unit. The Mercedes Unimog U1650’s are used for a wide range of applications; MEWPs, vegetation works, sweepers, some even fitted with cranes. The machines, used for pulling and shunting multiple trailers, have a maximum capacity of 12 trailers. The shunters are specifically designed and built for pulling rolling stock up to 52 axles 1200t (or 1400t on the continent), so the current certified capacity of 380t is well within the capability of such a bespoke and unique machine.

Check out the specification sheet here.

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