TXM Plant reduces harmful emissions with Shell GTL fuel

TXM Plant, leading suppliers of Road-Rail Vehicles to the UK’s rail industry, continues to minimise its impact on local air quality by powering their RRVs with a low emission alternative fuel.

TXM is working in partnership with the nation’s leading independent distributor of fuels and lubricants, Certas Energy to reduced harmful emissions through a cleaner-burning diesel alternative, Shell Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) Fuel, in its plant and machinery.

The GTL fuel is a paraffinic fuel that can be used as a direct alternative to conventional diesel, producing less odour, smoke, and engine noise than conventional diesel, creating safer and cleaner working environment for operatives.

The rail industry has a responsibility to commit to the development of sustainable operations, with GTL fuel playing an important role in minimising the impact of harmful emissions to the local environment. Since its introduction in December 2020, the GTL fuel has been used in a number of Road Rail Vehicles, (RRVs), on projects across the UK, including Network Rail’s Western Route Works Delivery, with fantastic feedback received from customers and operators.

The fuel has continued to run successfully with no issues and results showing an increase in performance, with an estimated carbon saving of 436.8kg for the period. Future project works also include the restoration of The Dartmoor Line, in Okehampton, where TXM is working collaboratively with the supply chain to restore rail services to the line.

With a fleet of over 260 RRVs, fuel choice is integral to TXM’s bottom line. Demonstrating their commitment and leadership in sustainability, TXM has successfully reduced harmful emissions by exploring alternative fuels and encouraging behavioural best practices for operators to reduce idle time, by switching off machines and equipment where possible.

Reflective of its committed environmental stance, Rob Killen, Business Development Director at TXM, said, “TXM Plant is continuing to pursue cleaner ways of working to minimise our environmental impacts for our customers and the local community. Our fleet compromises of over 260 RRVs, by transitioning to a cleaner-burning fuel with Certas Energy, we have reduced harmful emissions of PM (Particulate Matter) by 77%, CO (Carbon Monoxide) by 60%, and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) by 15%, to make an immediate and positive difference to local air quality.

As we continue to monitor and measure the results of this initiative, monthly summary reports are produced. So far, the transition has improved the performance and utilisation of our fleet as its use means fewer filter changes and longer intervals between maintenance. The switch to GTL fuel has made an immediate difference, driving efficiencies in our operations for our people and our customers.”