TXM Plant is a proud supporter of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

The Greater Manchester (GM) Employment Charter has been created to improve employment standards across all GM employers, regardless of size, sector or geography.

We want to see Greater Manchester as a place where people are paid fairly for their work, treated appropriately and provided with inclusive opportunity. At the same time, we want to see the city region’s economy thrive, with organisations that are productive and effective at the heart of it.”

The Charter is driven to develop diverse, equal and truly inclusive workings conditions across the region. Sarah Forster, TXM’s Human Resources Director, said, “We truly support the Charter’s seven ‘Good Employment Principles’ which set out what good employment practice, effective employee engagement, and good and fair employment looks like.”

TXM is pleased to become champions of a forward-thinking business community, supporting sustainable growth by creating opportunities for all while helping our employees progress and develop.

Click here to find out more on the GM Good Employment Charter website.