TXM Plant Collaborates with Certas Energy to Reduce On-Site Emissions

TXM Plant, leading supplier of Road-Rail Vehicles to the UK’s rail network, has demonstrated its commitment to reducing on-site emissions by taking its first delivery of Shell GTL Fuel, a cleaner-burning alternative to diesel.

Exclusively supplied by Certas Energy in the UK, the Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel aids in significantly reducing harmful emissions, therefore improving local air quality. The fuel has been proven to immediately reduce local emissions of air pollutants including Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) by up to 37%, and Particulate Matter (PM) by up to 90%. The fuel produces less odour, less smoke and reduced engine noise, creating a healthier working environment for operatives whilst reducing disruption to the local community.

The introduction of GTL Fuel in TXM vehicles aligns with Network Rail’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy launched in September of this year. With a focus on a cleaner, greener future, environmental sustainability ensures travel by rail remains the most reliable form of transport whilst minimising environmental impact. The strategy focuses on four key areas including a low emission railway, a reliable railway resilient to climate change, improved biodiversity, minimal waste, and sustainable use of materials.

TXM is proud to be leading the industry in the transition to lower emissions through the use of alternative fuels. The fuel was successfully tested on a range of equipment by TXM during 2020. The results were remarkable with a significant reduction of harmful emissions including reductions of up to 90% of Hydrocarbon and reductions of up to 71% in Carbon Monoxide. TXM supports innovation across the industry; these results outline Network Rail’s goals in improving air quality, reducing the levels of harmful pollutants across the rail network. GTL fuel is more biodegradable than conventional diesel; classified as ‘readily biodegradable’ Shell GTL fuel has been classified as non-toxic and odourless, with a low hazard rating, being a paraffinic fuel.

Brian Reynolds, TXM’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “As a leading supplier of Road-Rail Vehicles across the UK, TXM are proud to be introducing the use of Shell GTL fuel, reducing the environmental impact of engineering and construction works on the environment. Shell GTL Fuel is an innovative solution that can make an immediate difference in improving local air quality.”

“As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we are proud to be transitioning to a cleaner-burning diesel alternative fuel to deliver our operations safely, reliably, and sustainably for our people, our customers’ and the local community.”