Restructuring the Future

The last 12 months for TXM Plant have been transformative with the implementation of a number of business improvement strategies which have had a significant impact on performance and our service offering.

TXM Plant offers nationwide coverage through seven local depots sitting within our four operational regions – North, South-West, South-East, and Central. With circa 290 machines and over 1,000 attachments, we offer a versatile range of services including full POS capabilities and ALO Planning.

Recently we as a company have refocused how we engage and understand our customers in order to become a valued and trusted part of the supply chain. This includes restructuring how we operate and interface with business partners, reinvesting in new fleet and a new depot, and how the company looks after its current employees, as well as providing a great career path for those looking to be part of the rail industry.

Over the next two weeks, TXM Plant will be releasing a series of blog posts discussing our plans for the future and the investments made across the company, in our fleet, our depots, and our people, as well as taking a look at upcoming plans and strategies, in order to take a more proactive approach to our customer service, safety procedures, and commercial offering.

Regional Coverage

The last year has seen a number of changes to the way TXM Plant operates as it moved to a simplified, fully regional model focused on service delivery. Keen to enhance our offering to our customers and better positioned the company to respond to their requirements, TXM Plant created a North, Central, South-East, and South-West operation with all services being controlled and offered via this delivery route.

Led in each region by a Head of Operations, supported by specialists in resource, plant, and POS services, as a result of this change, TXM Plant has seen a major shift in efficiency and improvement in national collaboration, providing customers the flexibility and service they need.

Furthermore, with this new model in place, TXM Plant has moved much closer to its key customers, becoming more integrated into the planning and development of their major works. We now have over ten dedicated staff members working within customers’ organisations/ projects in a specialist role to support the integrated planning of plant operation, deployment, and methodology on major schemes such as the Transpennine Route Upgrade, HS2 enabling works, Core Valley regeneration in South Wales, and track renewals across both the West and East Midlands.

Behavioural Change

Behavioural issues are cultural and TXM Plant recognises the challenge to change. We lead this from the top and strive to continue our journey of improvement, shared learning, and collaborative discussions within the industry.

‘Be Safe’ is one of our core values; we are committed to being proactive in all aspects of safety and accident prevention. Understanding the ‘why’ in people act certain ways gains commitment while raising confidence and awareness in understanding how employee behaviour impacts our safety is critical.

TXM Plant recognises the skills shortage in the industry, therefore our behavioural change includes boot camp training that allows our people to access opportunities to funding to support training initiatives to open entry into the industry. Our training also concentrates on gaining commitment to being aware and calling out with confidence.

We look forward to observing what the future holds and thank our customers, suppliers and staff; despite the challenges presented in CP6, TXM Plant is best placed and has built up great momentum to support the growth expected in CP7.

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