Our fleet

TXM Plant's extensive fleet consists of 260 specialist Road-Rail Vehicles and over 900 attachments. We support the maintenance and operational requirements of the UK's rail industry by providing tailored solutions, suitable for small-scale jobs to the most complex of projects.

Our diverse fleet is under constant development. We provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs, providing and operating a broad range of specialist plant and services to deliver all works, including maintenance, overhead line, specialist projects and track renewals. Click through the tabs below to find out more.


Our wheeled range of road-rail solutions includes RRVs from Colmar’s to Liebherr’s.

Colmar T10000 150 kW

  • Used with a range of attachments including the 5m Rhino Horn
  • Fitted with high performance electrical fail-safe slew limiters
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Liebherr A924

  • Maximum performance with a high level of economy
  • GKD Spaceguard, operates under OLE and next to ALO
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  • Heavy lifting capabilities
  • Tandem lift capabilities

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Liebherr A900 Heavy Lift

  • Maximum performance with a high level of economy
  • Used with the 3m Rhino Horn attachment

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Mecalac 14MBX

  • Fitted with hydraulic adjustable boom
  • Narrow tail swing and offset dig ability
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Case 988 / WX170 Megarailer

  • Reduced tail swing with a compact radius machine
  • Ideal for maintenance and renewal works, with a Slew Limiting System for ALO working
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Liebherr A900

  • High-performance restrictors
  • Maximum digging performance
  • Fitted with the advanced dual-purpose 'Railroader' technology
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UNAC 250

  • Superb movement and medium lifting capabilities
  • Excellent turning radius for easy manoeuvring
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Terex Gigarailer

  • Superb heavy lifting capabilities, primarily used for tandem lifting
  • Lift capacity of up to 12 tonnes
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Colmar T10000 180 kW

  • Used with a range of attachments including the 5m Rhino Horn
  • Fitted with high performance electrical fail-safe slew limiters
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TXM Plant owns a large fleet of tracked vehicles including the Kobelco SK200 Monster Bug and the Komatsu PC110.


  • Features Rail-Ability RCI and integrated safety systems 
  • Includes advanced ALO MLD and SMS Rail Data Logger Telematics 
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Kobelco SK140

  • Ideal for travel on track ballast with minimal disturbance
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Komatsu PC95

  • Suitable for most excavation projects with its compact dimensions
  • Low centre of gravity and reduced tail swing
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Komatsu PC110

  • Designed and utilised for UTX based work
  • Automatic hydraulic trailer park system
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Komatsu PC138

  • Suited for renewal works with a parallel offset boom for drainage works
  • Offers stability and versatility with a Slew Limiting System fitted for ALO working
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Kobelco SK135

  • Preferred optional carrier for the 7 Leg Hydraulic Sleeper Spacer
  • Low centre of gravity and reduced tail swing
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Kobelco SK200 Monster Bug

  • Heavy lifting machine with one of the highest Safe Working Load of any RRV
  • Preferred carrier for the 7-leg Hydraulic Sleeper Spacer
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TXM Plant owns over 55 MEWP’s, available throughout the UK, including the Neotec Skyrailer and Genie Z60.

Evo 14

  • 4 x 4 transmission and locking differential
  • Basket capacity: 300kg (2 persons)
  • 180 ° cage rotation
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Genie Z60

  • Designed for working on OHL equipment and high level vegetation
  • Working height of 11.22m and an outreach of 11m at full height
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Neotec Skyrailer

  • Fitted with hydrostatic drive
  • Basket capacity: 400kg (3 persons)
  • 360 cage rotation
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Other Vehicles

From Dumpers to Dozers and Personnel Carriers, TXM Plant has a range of vehicles to suit our customers’ needs.

Rail Mule

  • Compact 4-wheel drive, capable of transporting up to 540kg payload (6 personnel and cargo)
  • Features a camera and enclosed cab with heater
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Dumper 8 Tonne

  • 8 tonne capacity RRV variants of dumpers
  • Swivel skips to allow discharge forwards of 90°
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  • Laser Grade Control System
  • Greater accuracy and high productivity
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Komatsu D37

  • Used for levelling materials such as ballast and sand in the cess
  • Suited for working in confined spaces
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  • Wide track gauge- Low centre of gravity
  • Easy transport logistics
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Mobile Workshop

  • A self-contained space that can be transported to any worksite
  • Independent unit includes critical spares, consumables and resources

Dumper 5 Tonne

  • 5 tonne capacity RRV variants of dumpers
  • Swivel skips to allow discharge forwards of 90°
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Personnel Carrier

  • Transports up to 12 workers
  • Towing capacity of up to 12 tonnes
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  • High performance transmission
  • All wheel drive with differential locks and torque converter
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Monster Cranes

Based on the SK200 Monster Bug, our four Monster Cranes with several features including Tandem Lift capabilities, dismissing the need for outriggers.

SK200 Monster Crane

  • Capable of towing up to 3 trailers of up to 56 tonnes
  • Requires no outriggers meaning full lift and carry duties are available
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To complement our extensive fleet, we offer a range of specialist attachments including our industry-leading sleeper spacers and OLE equipment.

Ballast Handling

At TXM Plant, we have a range of equipment designed for ballast handling that will reduce the need for manual handling, as well as improving productivity.

Ballast Distribution Hopper

  • Ideal for the even distribution of ballast and limestone
  • Fitted with 180° slew conveyor

Drag Clamp

  • Unique cam action rail gripping system
  • Used for pulling lengths of track in a safe, secure manner

Clamshell Grab

  • A robust and powerful tool used for heavy-duty log/ timber lifting operations

Ballast Profile Blade

  • Quick, efficient way of spreading ballast on relayed track
  • Cost effective way of redistributing excess ballast

Ballast Brush

  • Used for levelling and distributing ballast
  • A rotating broom sweeps and feeds excess ballast onto a lateral conveyor belt for transport 

Ballast Plough

  • Remove excess ballast from the centre of the track to the shoulder area 
  • Optional extras: marker lights, front-wheel hydraulic adjustments, central baffle plate

Drainage Equipment

TXM Plant owns a vast range of specialist drainage equipment to suit the needs of any drainage project.

Jetting Unit

  • Powerful, adaptable unit with a hose reel capacity of 150m
  • Tank capacity of 3000 litres with additional 1000 litre IBC’s and transfer pump available

Sleeper Changing Bucket

  • Integral ballast shield, with additional option of bolt-on ballast buckets
  • Equipped with a 360° endless rotation

Rock Wheel

  • Ideal for drainage requiring accurate excavation of medium to hard fractured rock
  • High precision, minimum disturbance, optimum aesthetic results

Tube Cube

  • Designed to excavate ballast between and below sleepers
  • Used for drainage and p-way duties, options include vacuum excavation and indirect vacuum

Hydraulic Breaker

  • Breakers are virtually independent of the hydraulic supply
  • Variety of breakers available for different sized machines

Tilt Rotator

  • Equipped with double-acting tilt cylinders
  • Useful for placing various attachments in the optimal operating position, improving productivity

OLE Equipment

TXM Plant has invested heavily in its innovative range of OLE solutions. Our Manipulator Grab can assemble a stantion in under 60 seconds.

Mast Stilage

  • Provides a safe and convenient method for transportation of steel
  • The preferred means of storing and delivering masts to site

Cable Drum Decoilers & Yokes

  • Designed to unreel and tension cables in a controlled manner
  • Carry a maximum load of 9 tonnes, suitable for power, signalling cables, OHLE cables and wires, and fibre optic cables

MEWP Pantograph Attachment

  • High quality, demountable height and stagger panning pantograph
  • Adjustable uplift pressure

Manipulator Grab

  • Provides safety and efficiency to steel erection on electrification projects
  • With continuous rotation and controlled braking

Stovepipe Lifter

  • Ideal for positioning and fitting stovepipes and dropper tubes to tunnel roofs and gantry structures

Piling & Foundations

We have the Movax SG 75 Side Grip Piling Hammer and the Movax TAD 30 Deep Dig Auger available to hire from your local TXM Plant depot.

Deep Dig Auger

  • With heavy-duty steel housings and compact design
  • Capable of 10m auger depth

Piling Hammer

  • Used to drive steel and concrete piles into the ground
  • Allows for fast erection from a horizontal transport position to a vertical plumb working position

Rail-Sleeper Handling

TXM Plant has a variety of Rail / Sleeper handling equipment. From Rail Beams to Rail Croppers, we have a solution to suit the needs of your project.

Log Grab

  • Robust and powerful tools for heavy duty log/ timber lifting operations
  • Ideal for scrapping out rail and waste materials

Panel Grab

  • Safe working load of 10 tonnes, load sensing safety valves and check valves
  • Variants include standard and low headroom panel grabs

Rail Thimble

  • Supports and manipulates long welded rail
  • Variants available suitable for running rail and conductor rail

Sleeper Spacer

  • Designed for the high output unloading and laying of concrete sleepers
  • Small, lightweight and easily adjustable

Super Cropper

  • Used to crop redundant rail into smaller pieces
  • Suitable for all sizes of rail, with each cut taking around 6 seconds

Universal Rail Lifting Beam

  • Tandem lifting panel handling
  • Two types available: standard and extendable lifting beam

Vegetation Handling

We have multiple tools to assist with your vegetation handling needs. At TXM Plant, we understand the importance of safety; our equipment reduces the need for manual handling.


  • Capable of clearing vegetation of up to 6” in diameter
  • TXM has various sized Mulcher’s to fit our short and long arm RRVs


  • Versatile, easily manoeuvred, high capacity cutting head
  • Suitable for clearing along the trackside, roadsides and power lines


  • Suitable for cutting grass, scrub and small trees up to 60mm thick
  • Equipped with adjustable protection and automatic change of the cutting shaft rotating direction

Tree Cutter

  • Economic, efficient way of cutting and pollarding
  • Allows the operator to cut and grab timber from within the cab of an excavator, improving safety and productivity


TXM Plant has multiple trailer types to support a variety of uses. We have our MEWP Trailers to assist with tool transportation and our brand new Predator Box Trailers.

RRV Trailer

  • Used to transport a variety of tools and materials on track to the work site
  • Can be used on/ off track and work under Live OLE

MEWP Trailer

  • Complete with automatic rail direction lights and breakaway warning device
  • Maximum authorised load of 900kgs
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Asset Documentation

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