Journey to Zero Campaign

At TXM Plant, our vision for Health and Safety is based on aiming for a target of zero fatalities, reportable accidents, occupational illness, injuries to the public and zero incidents.

  • Zero fatalities
  • Zero reportable accidents
  • Zero occupational illness
  • Zero injuries to the public
  • Zero incidents / damages

The Journey to Zero campaign is a strategic goal for the business, not heavily focused on unrealistic timescales but more on influencing attitudes and altering behaviours.

We are focused on continuous improvement throughout the Journey. It’s our goal to develop a positive, proactive culture, while learning from the experience of ourselves, our customers and competitors. This ensures the whole industry understands where risk arises and collectively works to mitigate or eliminate it from our day‐to‐day operations.

Objectives & Targets 

To reach this, we’ve created objectives and targets that we will strive to achieve. This includes:


  • Members of the Senior Management Team to attend quarterly Journey to Zero meetings
  • Members of the Management team to attend depot and project-specific SHEQ meetings
  • Ensuring that the Senior Management Team actively participate in SHEQ inspections companywide
  • Implementing the ‘Employee Safety Representatives’ Programme – allowing any volunteers to represent their team.


  • Ensuring that the Business SHEQ and commercial risks are assessed annually by the Senior Management Team
  • Depot/Project Management teams to ensure that all risk assessments are appropriate for the task and delivered in an efficient manner
  • Researching efficient SMS / Integrated Management Systems for the business
  • Developing the investigation standard for the company to be in line with the principals of the root cause analysis and fair culture.


  • Ensuring the Journey to Zero initiative and risk elimination is prominent at all monthly depot, project and board meetings.
  • Developing an Annual Action Plan, which will include details of specific risk elimination activities to be adopted within the business
  • Committing to undertake general wellbeing for all employees, health awareness and training where appropriate.


  • The Senior Management Team and SHEQ Representatives providing input into annual objectives and targets for the business
  • Communicating the annual Journey to Zero plan to all stakeholders and safety-critical suppliers
  • Undertaking a climate survey within the business to gain employee feedback on SHEQ and company-related issues
  • Engaging with local communities on a depot and project basis.


  • Ensuring findings and lessons learnt from all incidents or events are shared with all stakeholders and safety-critical supplies via a structured process
  • Developing a communication plan which includes tool-box talks, posters, campaign presentations and branding
  • Senior Management team-leading cross-division SHEQ tours and participating in learning exchange events
  • Promoting healthier living both in work and personal factors for a healthy, happy workforce.


  • Ensuring a formal appraisal process is in place and implementing an appraisal training programme within the company
  • Developing a suite of leading indicators within quarterly meetings to monitor the progress of the initiative
  • Developing a series of good practice guides with partners and suppliers on our high-risk activities
  • Sharing good practice and celebrating SHEQ achievements across the business and wider industry
  • Ensuring information on our Journey to Zero is included in all job advertisements and the induction stage

Actioning these points will assist TXM Plant in striving towards zero, providing opportunities for better communication between staff, allowing us to embed the message of health and safety.

We will ensure consistency throughout our depots and departments, maintaining the highest standards possible to become thought leaders in health and safety within the rail industry.