Investing for the Future: Our People

Management Conference

In 2022 TXM Plant held a management conference allowing managers to reconnect in an interactive environment, explore new ideas, and roll out TXM Plant’s new direction of travel. It was a huge success and very enjoyable for the team to engage and socialise face-to-face. There were some exciting outputs from this event which the company plans to bring to market.

Training and Mentoring

TXM Plant has continued to drive its culture to be one of continuous challenge and improvement. As part of this progression, a significant portion of the budget has been set aside for the training and mentoring of the team with a focus on succession planning, progression plans, and personal development plans.

Alongside spend on training, the company has continued to provide further support to the team through improving its mental health support. TXM Plant has a target of 10% of staff to be trained as mental health first aiders to ensure everyone in the business has someone they can trust to talk to when they need it most. This sits alongside an external crisis line for when speaking internally does not fit the needs of the staff.

TXM Plant’s Apprenticeship Programme

The TXM Plant apprenticeship program continues to be a cornerstone of our company’s success and it will continue to find opportunities to invest in the future workforce. We are therefore delighted to announce our apprenticeship programme will reopen in September 2023 to complement the 35 apprenticeships engaged in the last five years.

In addition to the traditional engineering routes, TXM Plant has also embarked on a number of apprenticeships in administration and support functions to enhance skills and develop our teams to meet future plans.

To find out more about our apprenticeships programme and apply, email or call 01908 44300.

Future Challenges

TXM Plant also recognises there are future challenges in the industry’s workforce, which we intend to challenge head-on, including addressing the expected shortfalls in the number of road/ rail machine operators.

TXM Plant is ready to play its part in this industry-wide challenge. We have begun working in conjunction with specialist training providers to develop career pathways into the rail industry, to improve the way we engage, with a more diverse and varied workforce to give a clear entrance to those who may not have previously considered or been aware of plant operation in a rail environment. This will be coupled with increased touchpoints from the company’s newly appointed Human Resources function.

Find out more about the opportunities available at TXM Plant here, email, or call 01908 443000.