Investing for the Future: Our Depots

At the beginning of 2023, TXM Plant began building its new depot in Andover, in the heart of the Western and Wessex routes, to improve our reach to a number of key customers in the area.

Introducing TXM Plant’s Andover Depot

We are now thrilled to announce the opening of our new depot in Andover, ready to provide unparalleled support for your upcoming projects. Here at TXM Plant, we’re committed to empowering your success by offering outstanding plant solutions and services. Our team has worked incredibly hard and completed an incredible job and we look forward to offering you the unrivalled customer service that TXM Plant provides.

This investment is part of an ongoing strategy to expand and improve the network of purpose-built depots to strengthen customer focus. The new depot will provide enhanced servicing and maintenance facilities along with improved accessibility and transport links. In line with TXM Plant’s 6S ethos, the depot ensures a safe working environment to positively affect quality and productivity, and subsequent health and safety.

A clean and organised workplace assists in controlling potential hazards and instils pride in the workforce. 6S gives our engineering team the absolute best of our facilities, cascading down through to our customer service and reliability.

Your One-Stop Plant Solution Provider

TXM Plant has long been recognised as a leading name in the rail industry, catering to a wide range of projects across the nation. With our new depot in Andover, we are expanding our footprint and increasing our availability to support your endeavours even further. From track maintenance to infrastructure development, we have the machinery, expertise, and resources to make your vision a reality.

Get in Touch

We believe that collaboration drives progress, and we are eager to forge strong partnerships within the rail industry. By choosing TXM Plant as your plant solution provider, you gain a dedicated partner who understands your challenges and is committed to your success.

Explore how we can collaborate and drive progress together: get in touch to connect with us today and discuss your requirements, schedule a visit to our new Andover depot, or reach out to our friendly team.

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