Cookie policy

Cookie policy

We use very few cookies and the only information we collect about users to our site is either through Google Analytics or through blog comments.

Google Analytics is the industry standard way of tracking visits to websites. You can find more information about how it uses cookies on the Google Analytics support pages. We cannot identify individuals through the Analytics data, it only provides us with information on trends and patterns of site use.

If you would like to be removed from being tracked by our Analytics, then please send us an email with your IP address and we will block this from being tracked.

WordPress is the platform this website is built on. The cookies that WordPress uses are not used for tracking purposes with one exception. If you comment on a blog we collect information about your email, URL and whether or not we’ve accepted your comments or marked you as spam.

If you are fatally allergic to cookies, then you can block them using your browser. Check this site for instructions: