Duration: 4 Years

Client: Balfour Beatty

Duration: 2012 – 2018

Location: London

Project Overview:

The Thameslink Programme was developed to deliver a major expansion of the cross-London Thameslink Service. The programme involved increasing the length and frequency of trains, serving a more extensive network to deliver a substantial increase in passenger capacity through the centre of London.

As part of the KO2 project, TXM Plant was required to support the re-modelling of track and signalling infrastructure in and around London Bridge over a 5 year period.   

TXM Solution:

TXM assisted the Thameslink Programme by providing road-rail plant to the project, delivering a wide variety of services, and managing complex logistics needed for the delivery, working, servicing and general management of plant across a 4-mile geographical area.

As well as the redevelopment of the station works at London Bridge included track re-modelling and re-signalling of all lines East and West of London Bridge Station. This involved 128 different track layouts and 9 major re-signalling changes, as well as the strengthening of 35 bridge structures. Over 40km of track and 147 new switches and crossings were also installed. 


The innovation of TXM’s Monster Cranes made a significant impact on the teams’ ability to install large signal structures without the need for road mobiles, reducing cost and impact on local communities.

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