Acting with Integrity

Rob Killen, Business Development Director, joined TXM Plant in 2013 after working in similar positions within Operated Plant Hire since 1988. With over 30 years of experience working in the industry, Rob discusses his views on integrity in rail, including innovations and customer satisfaction.

‘We keep our promises, and we always do the right thing.’

My role is primarily to assist and support TXM Plant’s sales efforts, ensuring the customer receives the very best service. Very often our customers have requirements that don’t fit our delivery by 100%, therefore we need to find innovative solutions in which we can do things differently to get them to their end goal. Innovation and collaboration are fundamental, and while there are frameworks and practices in place, we need to seek solutions that are personalised and relevant to each individual customer. The entire process in how we interact with our customers is transforming.

Our journey is ever-evolving, yet there has been a clear shift in how we do things. COVID-19 has sent us a curveball we as a business have had to navigate, with face-to-face interactions and printed media decreasing, giving rise to digital communications, this is a priority for us; online contact with our customers is becoming ever more important.

Our business has morphed over the years, with a lot of work going into how we engage with our customers in a specialised way. The ability to come up with innovative solutions can be challenging, with issues that we may never have faced before. However, satisfaction is arriving at a solution that allows us to progress and move forward. In the world of innovation, TXM Plant is very much looking at things that haven’t been done before or seeking ways to do things differently.

How we conduct ourselves with our supplier relationships, assisting in the planning of works and contingencies, allows us that extra edge. By working closely with our customers, we can understand their needs, problems and where things could go wrong, designing contingency plans prior to them happening. By being proactive and recommending mitigation plans we can ensure the customer receives the full volume and works do not overrun.

In the world of rail, particularly track renewals, the pressure is on, with a fixed amount of time to get the track up and running. Costs can build up extremely quickly to the customer when works overrun, and we have to ensure this does not happen. An example of where we have demonstrated this is in Doncaster, for Central Rail Systems Alliance (CRSA) for Balfour Beatty, where we’ve been delivering works for a year with no overruns achieving the full volume of yardage. This is significant and reflects in our reliability of 99.5%.

We understand the critical parts of our client’s work, putting in mitigation and back-ups to avoid and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Ensuring the customer reaches their end goal is our goal, and that’s the key difference.

The Route to Gold programme is centred around us and others in the industry, doing the right thing, delivering reliability to our customers. Integrity plays a huge role here. The key difference between doing things right and doing the right thing is taking on the mindset of the customer, in turn helping them to achieve their end goal. Our people understand that integrity within a working relationship is incredibly valuable. The real skill in customer service is understanding their particular needs, having the ability to react to an issue and find a solution is the big difference. Customer service is a versatile environment, one service or solution is not suitable for everyone.

Observing a long view of where the market falls is under my remit. TXM has a strong forward projection into CP12 with a good understanding of the levels of spend and types of work that are going to be required on the infrastructure over the next 25 years. Our goal is to be the go-to company that can supply a safe, reliable service with cost-effective solutions for RRV and parts requirements. We are a supplier that can be trusted to deliver works collaboratively with a complex understanding of our customer’s end goal. 

‘Ensuring the customer reaches their end goal is our goal, and that’s the key difference.’