Accountability in the Rail Industry

Steve Smith, Director of Cranes and Plant Operation Schemes, has worked on the railway for over 30 years. Beginning his early career as a machine operator, working around the world, Steve has been with TXM Plant for over 20 years. 

Managing the Plant Operator Scheme (POS) service, Steve and his team provide for the safe use of RRV equipment, providing the best customer service to our clients. This also involves CPA Contract Lift Services, entailing the planning and operations of heavy lifting for cranes.

On delivery of TXM Plant’s new core values, Steve discusses his views on Accountability in rail. 

‘We own what we do, and we take responsibility for the outcome’

Working on the railway for over 20 years, I know how it ticks. Overlooking the POS team, I am accountable for our customers and our people. We deliver a service and therefore, have a shared responsibility with the industry to ensure safety is integral, and that’s why accountability is key.

The planning stage of our work involves ensuring the machines and attachments we deliver are capable of completing the works in good time to engage our customers’ goals. Everything in between, from access point navigation to operator competency, reflects our hard work and openness to our customers.

Everyone, from Crane Controllers to Operators on-site are accountable for the works they deliver. Professionalism derives from passion and drive; this is what differentiates TXM from the industry. Each of our customers is assigned a key individual within the team, who is their go-to person, changing the way works are delivered for the better. Available 24-hours a day, this relationship ensures communication is held, whether it’s answering a query or supplying more machines.

We are accountable, from that very first phone call we receive to the last bit of paperwork, always accounting for the utmost safety standards. This is where The Extra Mile comes in. We do things by the book, and if we can’t do something in a certain way, we’ll find another solution, going the extra two miles. Being recently presented the Gold Plant Reliability Award was a highlight for the business, reflecting our working behaviours and hunger to continuously improve within rail. Delivering a reliable fleet depends on our honesty to the industry, and the Route to Gold reflects this, ensuring accountability for our actions.

Throughout the pandemic, like many businesses, we have had to adapt. Accountability doesn’t just lie in what we deliver but who delivers it. Throughout lock down the teams would have weekly calls to catch up, ensuring the safety and well-being of staff and their families. This has set a precedent for the future, where it is clear we must nurture our people and their needs, gaining their commitment and respect. Our people are now ready, more than ever, to deliver a quality service to our customers. 

Whatever a person’s role in the business, they have a responsibility to do it well. We at TXM Plant strive to become known as the best for our safety record, fleet, delivery of services, and expert staff. Our continuous innovations and investments in our machines and our people set us apart. 

‘Establishing a customer-first approach will help everyone manage reliability challenges more effectively. Showing visible leadership- taking responsibility and accountability.’

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